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About BMTA

Tattoos are art. They are a culture that speaks unique stories.


Popularised by crime movies, tattoos in Hong Kong actually find their origins back in the mid-twentieth century when an engineer decided to start a second career in tattooing. Over the years, tattoos have undergone rapid expansion. With more and more individuals finding their calling in the tattoo business, the local industry has flourished, introducing diverse styles and methodology to the market.


Hong Kong Body Modification and Tattoo Artist Association, BMTA(HK), is a platform established in 2022 to promote communication among body modification artists, such as tattoo artists, piercers, and cosmetic tattoo specialists, etc. Whether you’re a body modification artist, or vendors related to the business, BMTA(HK) is a community where novices and veterans can come together to connect and exchange market information.


In Hong Kong, tattooing, piercing and cosmetic tattooing (also known as permanent makeup) are the most common types of body modification. These forms of body art are considered as invasive body decorations and should be performed in a safe and sanitary manner to prevent the potential spreading of blood-borne diseases. BMTA(HK) advocates safety for all and requires all members to strictly adhere to rules of professional conduct for the wellbeing of both the artist and the public.


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