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Annual Fee

All are welcome! 


Hong Kong Body Modification and Tattoo Artist Association welcomes those who are working in the industry and individuals who share the mission of the Association. 


Annual Fee

HKD 100


Annual Fee

HKD 20


Annual Fee

HKD 500


Early-bird Access 

All members of Hong Kong Body Modification and Tattoo Artist Association can enjoy a range of benefits including early bird access to talks, activities and sharings organised by the Association.

Exclusive Discounts 

All members also enjoy exclusive discounts when purchasing from registered vendors. As the body modification industry continues to grow, this is a great way to support local businesses. 

Greater Exposure 

For body modification artists and vendors, your profile would be displayed on our website for public access. Take the opportunity to showcase and expose your work to a wider audience.

Exclusive Offer for ABBP Artists 

As a supporter of safe body modification practice, BMTA(HK) offers all certified ABBP artists a one-year membership free of charge. Members can also sign up for seminars on safe body modification practice.



To register, click on the link below to become a member of BMTA!


We will collect your full name, partial HKID / Passport number, Artist’s name and portfolio link, email and contact number. All personal information collected is kept strictly confidential. 


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